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26 December 2020
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The Lipovjan Folk Ensable is named after its domicicle. The Lipov village is situated in the Moravian part of the White Carpathians and it is one of the villages in the peculiar ethnographic Horňácko region. Lipov has been renowned for its wine production, the beginnings of which go to the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries

Especially the natural environment of the Horňácko region has influenced the style of life and the folk culture. Till 1920s the civilization penetrated into this region very slowly and that is why folk arts, folk music, singing, dancing, and especially the custome with its rich embroideries have been kept there almost in the original form. Some customs of the year-cycle have been kept as well, because folklore has been a part of everyday life in the region. In 1972 the folkl group from Lipov performed their dancing in the program of the Horňácko Festival in Velká nad Veličkou. From this group the LIPOVJAN ensemble has arised. Since 1974 the ensemble has had its own music band, which was led for instance by the leader Jožka Kubík or Jarek Miškeřík.

The main aim of the LIPOVJAN ensemble is to maintain and develop the traditional folk culture.

The ensemble's activity includes hundreds of performances at folk festivals and competitions in our country (MFF Strážnice, Horňácké slavnosti and many other Festivals), as wel as abroad (the festivals in Slovakia, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Hungary, South Korea etc.).

At the turn of century the Horňácko region attracted many well-known personalities as Leoš Janáček, the Úprka brothers, Alois and Vilém Mrštík. We belive that also nowadays the LIPOVJAN Folk Ensemble from Horňácko will please its spectacors and listeners.

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